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Bequia Real Estate, Grenadines Property, Realty Sales and Investments

"The Grenadines are charming islands which still feel like a secret. They are ideal for people who are pure dreamers, those who aren't looking for glitz and glamour but for a flower-filled Caribbean garden" Island Magazine



Real Grenadines is proud to be based on the beautiful island of Bequia for over 30 years. Here in this quiet but soon-to-be-discovered part of the Caribbean, you will be amazed at the selection of property and real estate we have in our portfolio (we represent most properties for sale on the island). These various possibilities however, provide only a snapshot of the services we can offer by combining our knowledge of the region and network of local contacts.

With some of the better known parts of the Caribbean rapidly becoming saturated, The Grenadines especially Bequia, have started to attract more and more interest from clients and visitors overseas, looking for something different to the ordinary. We can be here from start to finish and are happy to assist in anyway possible in regard to local real estate and property opportunities. Feel free to have a look through the various listings on our site and contact us anytime with your questions.

Property Listings

All (134)
Houses (54)
Land (65)
Estates (4)
Islands (6)
Commercial (5)

Additional Services

BEFORE PURCHASE: Meet and greet service which includes, concept development, opportunity and risk assessment, advice on legal processes, property search and selection, then real estate purchase.

AFTER PURCHASE: We can assist in various additional areas surrounding architecture and design, project supervision, and property management once a property has been purchased.