Beachfront and Hilltop Lots

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Beachfront and Hilltop Lots Beachfront and Hilltop Lots Beachfront and Hilltop Lots Beachfront and Hilltop Lots

Land at Windward Bay, Mayreau

Price (US$): $150,000
Price Per Foot: 6.50 US$
Land Size: 21,780 sq. ft.
Location: Windward Bay, Mayreau
Country: St. Vincent
  • Beachfront Options
  • Beautiful Woodlands
  • Hilltop Options
  • Ocean Views
  • Quiet Areas
  • Tropical Breezes

Several beautiful building lots located at quaint and breezy Windward Bay in Mayreau. There are several options, with a few being on the hillside, whilst others are located further down on the beach. These lots have fantastic views overlooking the Tobago Keys and other surrounding Grenadine Islands.

Mayreau is the smallest and most intimate of all the inhabited islands. It has a population of only a few hundred and has only a few intimate restaurants and hotels. At present there are only a few listings available. This together with an increase in the demand for real estate there, and the fact the island is gradually becoming more discovered, has somewhat fuelled the real estate market making it much more demanding.

These various lots are ideally suited for retirees and investors who are looking for utmost privacy in an intimate, natural and beautiful surrounding. There are two 4 acre pieces which can be surveyed and cut to suite a clients requirements. Property infrastructure such as an access road has already been built with utility lines having already been installed.