Crown Jewel

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Crown Jewel Crown Jewel Crown Jewel Crown Jewel Crown Jewel Crown Jewel Crown Jewel Crown Jewel Crown Jewel Crown Jewel

Estates at St. Louis Point, Carriacou

Price (US$): $3,500,000
Price Per Foot: 4.99 US$
Acreage: 11.5
Location: St. Louis Point, Carriacou
Country: Grenada
  • Beachfront Options
  • Beautiful Sunsets
  • Beautiful Woodlands
  • Hilltop Options
  • Ocean Views
  • Private Estate
  • Tropical Breezes

Crown Jewel is one of the most beautiful and largest parcels of beachfront properties available for sale in the exclusive Grenadines, located in Carriacou's hottest real estate area of St. Louis, Point Cistern. This property consists largely of a pyramid shaped hill gently sloping down to a gorgeous one mile long white sand beach in a pristine eco-sensitive bay with beautiful turquoise water.

The property consists of approximately 500 feet of pure white sand beach toward the front. From the rear, there is a unique silver sand beach which stretches around the hill. There is approximately two acres of flat beachfront land at the base of this spectacular hill shaped in the pyramid style. This land is located only a few steps to the beach.

World famous dream islands such as Sandy Island, Mabouya Island and Sisters Rock, are located only a few hundred yards offshore. The surrounding area is superb for diving, snorkeling, and fishing. The property is located in an eco sensitive paradise area which consists many rare birds such as the Mangrove Cuckoo, Pelicans, and a wide variety of other sea birds. The bay and general area is a well known breeding ground for a wide variety of sea turtles also. This estate serves as a great opportunity to develop an exclusive private family estate or corporate retreat for senior executives, family and clients.

It is also a great location for an exclusive eco-resort or various upscale private residences and/or villa developments. Also included with the property is a unique ancient house in need of a renovations. Situated on Jack Iron Point a cliff overlooking the Caribbean sea, this small landmark is located within the estate. Contact us if you require any further details.