Crown Point Lands

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Crown Point Lands Crown Point Lands Crown Point Lands Crown Point Lands

Land at Industry, Bequia

Price (US$): $141,570
Price Per Foot: 6.50 US$
Land Size: 21,780 sq. ft.
Location: Industry, Bequia
Country: St. Vincent
  • Beautiful Woodlands
  • Close to Beach
  • Ocean View
  • Quiet Area
  • Tropical Breezes

Crown Point Development is located on the North-Eastern side of Bequia in a beautiful, unspoiled area that benefits through an abundance of cooling breezes and is surrounded by mature woodlands including several Cedar trees that have been used centuries for the island's long tradition of boat building. The area is situated in a lush fertile valley, which runs all the way to the top of a ridge. Industry valley is framed by a beautiful white-sand beach, which contains an abundance of coconut trees and an enormous amount of different vegetation.

A spectacular reef lines the outside of the bay, protecting the beach enough making it ideal for snorkelling and yet still ideal for any other types of water-sports. Industry has a long history of farming with an old historic plantation, which used to grow both sugar and indigo. The renowned Sugar Reef hotel is only a short walk away from this plot whereas one can also use its facilities. Good infrastructure has already been put in place, such as a newly completed concrete road that accesses the area.