Isle Quatre

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Isle Quatre Isle Quatre Isle Quatre Isle Quatre Isle Quatre Isle Quatre

Islands at Isle a Quatre

Price (US$): $54,000,000
Acreage: 376
Location: Isle a Quatre
Country: St. Vincent
  • Ocean Views
  • Private Island
  • Quiet Areas
  • Tax Incentives
  • Tropical Breezes
  • Waterfront Options

Exclusive Isle a Quatre: Uninhabited Island in St. Vincent & the Grenadines


Isle a Quatre is a beautiful uninhabited island of approximately 376 acres, located just one and a half miles south of Bequia and five miles west of Mustique in St. Vincent & the Grenadines. It shares its history with its neighbor, Bequia, and was settled and cultivated by the French until the end of the Seven Years War.

Development Proposal

The owners propose a high-quality, low-impact development that enhances the island's striking natural features. The goal is to develop the island to the lowest of densities, emulating the success of its illustrious neighbour, Mustique. This approach aims to preserve the island's natural beauty while offering exclusive, luxurious accommodations.

Location and Views

Isle a Quatre offers overwhelming views in all directions. To the north, just one and a half miles away, lies Bequia with its convenient airstrip and numerous services and attractions. The mountainous main island of St. Vincent is visible slightly further beyond. Closer to the east is the famed Mustique, and to the south is Canouan, where Pink Sands is currently running a large five-star development. The island is covered with subtropical vegetation, scrub, and small trees, with larger, mature trees concentrated near the beaches on the Eastern and Southern parts.

Investment Opportunity

This uninhabited 376-acre island presents a unique investment opportunity for those looking to develop an exclusive, high-end retreat in the Grenadines. The proposed low-density development will preserve the island's natural beauty while offering luxurious and private accommodations. Contact us to explore the potential of this exceptional Grenadines property and discuss the possibilities of creating a one-of-a-kind destination on Isle a Quatre.