Isle Quatre

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Isle Quatre Isle Quatre Isle Quatre Isle Quatre Isle Quatre Isle Quatre

Islands at Isle a Quatre

Price (US$): $54,000,000
Acreage: 376
Location: Isle a Quatre
Country: St. Vincent
  • Ocean Views
  • Private Island
  • Quiet Areas
  • Tax Incentives
  • Tropical Breezes
  • Waterfront Options

Isle a Quatre is a beautiful uninhabited island of about 376 acres, located just one and half miles south of Bequia and five miles west of Mustique, in St. Vincent & the Grenadines. It shares its history with its neighbour, Bequia. Until the end of the Seven Years War these islands were settled and cultivated by the French.

Here, it is proposed by the owners for one to carry out a high quality low impact development which also enhances the striking natural features of the island. It is proposed to develop the Island to the lowest of densities. In many respects the development should emulate what has been achieved on its near, and illustrious neighbour, Mustique.

Isle a Quatre, as it is also has overwhelming views. North, and nearest at two kilometers, lies Bequia with its convenient airstrip and numerous other services and attractions to choose from. The mountainous main island of St. Vincent is visible only slightly further beyond. Closer, to the East, rests the famed Mustique, and South is Canouan where Pink Sands is currently running a large five star development. The 376-acre Quatre Isle remains uninhabited with almost all of the island covered with sub tropical vegetation, scrub and small trees and also with larger mature trees concentrated near the beaches on the Eastern and Southern part.