Mayreau Estate

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Mayreau Estate Mayreau Estate Mayreau Estate Mayreau Estate

Estates at Mayreau, St. Vincent

Price (US$): $2,925,000
Acreage: 20
Location: Mayreau, St. Vincent
Country: St. Vincent
  • Beachfront
  • Beautiful Sunrises
  • Hilltop Options
  • Ocean Views
  • Private Estate
  • Quiet Area
  • Tax Incentives

Mayreau is a tiny inhabited island with no airstrip so it is a special treat to stay or visit here only by boat. The island has superb views out over the Tobago Cays and on a clear day all the way down to Grenada. Mayreau is the smallest (1 1⁄2 square miles) of the inhabited Grenadine islands and has just over 250 residents.

Although it is relatively remote, Union Island airport and the jetport Canouan is only a few miles away. Picture-postcard beaches and bays, a friendly village with a quaint old church and divine beaches. Salt Whistle Bay on Mayreau was voted amongst the Top Ten Beaches in the Caribbean offering numerous highlights for yachts sailing the Grenadines. The island has established itself as the anchorage of choice in the region for yachts from around the world and is a must on any yacht charter cruise in the Grenadines.

Stretching from 10 Shilling Hill down to the beachfront, we have a beautiful estate which offers great views from the top most location and 800 feet of prime beachfront at its foot. A development plan was prepared for the construction of seventeen Villas, nine cottages, clubhouse and an employee house, with a road leading through the land (from top to bottom). This acreage is rectangular in shape with approximate dimensions of 800 x 1100, with the hillside section being a bit more irregular in shape. The top of the hill is approximately 320 feet above sea level, with the land gently sloping downwards to the ocean.

The Beach is only a few minutes away from the famous Salt Whistle Bay where, besides sailing, the area is considered a must for Kite surfers visiting the Caribbean.