Petit Nevis

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Petit Nevis Petit Nevis Petit Nevis Petit Nevis Petit Nevis Petit Nevis Petit Nevis

Islands at Petit Nevis, St. Vincent

Price (US$): $15,000,000
Acreage: 71
Location: Petit Nevis, St. Vincent
Country: St. Vincent

The renowned Petit Nevis island which has a long standing history and was previously used as a whaling station only about a decade ago. This island is less than a mile away from Bequia which could be very convenient due to the close vicinity of the Bequia Airport that would make access for outside visitors relatively straightforward. Mustique which is Bequia's chick little sister island and where numerous celebrities own homes is only a few miles away. Petit Nevis has great investment potential and would be ideally suited to accommodate a resort or any other tourism related business. The island has numerous attractive locations where construction would be easy and straightforward to undertake.

It has a calm pristine harbour facing West on the more protected side where any size of motor or sail yacht could make anchorage. A more unspoiled beach is located facing South with numerous tall coconut palm trees, and an abundance of ocean front vegetation. A beautiful large grass flat of numerous acres stretches back behind the old ruins of the former whaling station rising up to the start of a ridge that takes one to the top of the island. From the top of the island one has incredible 360 degree views overlooking various neighbouring islands and areas, including Bequia, Isle Quatre, Mustique, and Battowia & Balliceaux. Its location is ideal, as it is situated in the middle of the Grenadines which has been a hub for sailors and tourists alike for decades.