Attractively Priced Lot in Friendship

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Attractively Priced Lot in Friendship Attractively Priced Lot in Friendship

Land at Friendship, Bequia

Price (US$): $100,000
Price Per Foot: 5 US$
Land Size: 20,000 sq. ft.
Location: Friendship, Bequia
Country: St. Vincent
  • Close to Beach
  • Ocean View

A reasonable priced plot located above the main access road leading down to lush and fertile Friendship Bay. This plot overlooks several Grenadine Islands including Petit Nevis (the former whaling station), Isle Quatre and several other Grenadine Islands such as Canouan to the South.

Vistas extend out at the surf splashing onto the reef that lines the bay. This includes a birds-eye view of magnificent white-sand Friendship Bay beach and the valley (where numerous crops are still planted) that stretches almost all the way up to where the plot is located.

This piece of paradise is located only a few minutes walk away from the newly built Bequia Beach Hotel which has numerous amenities to offer. If one would like to get to Princess Margaret or Lower Bay beach it would take approximately 15 - 20 minutes by foot. This plot is exceptionally well suited for returning locals, as it is priced very attractively, and located within a good local community of only a few neighbours.