Prime Scenic Lot

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Prime Scenic Lot Prime Scenic Lot Prime Scenic Lot Prime Scenic Lot Prime Scenic Lot

Land at Industry, Bequia

Price (US$): $231,435
Price Per Foot: 8.50 US$
Land Size: 27,228 sq.ft.
Location: Industry, Bequia
Country: St. Vincent
  • Beautiful Sunrises
  • Beautiful Woodlands
  • Cliff Top
  • Close to Beach
  • Ocean View
  • Private Area
  • Tropical Breezes

This offers someone a unique chance of owning a one of a kind building lot, ideal to accommodate one's dream holiday home or villa, in an epic location!

Crown Point Development is located on the North-Eastern side of Bequia in a beautiful, unspoiled area that benefits through the abundance of cooling breezes that rise up from the bay beneath. It is surrounded by mature woodlands including Cedar trees that have been used for centuries for the island's long tradition of boat building.

This area stretches from a lush fertile valley, which runs all the way to the top of a ridge where this land is located. The bay is lined by a beautiful white-sand beach, which contains an abundance of coconut trees and an enormous amount of indigenous vegetation.

The area is peaceful and picturesque with amazing views overlooking Industry, neighbouring Grenadine islands Baliceaux and Battowia, as well as the Atlantic Ocean. A majestic reef lines protects the beach just enough making it ideal for snorkelling and yet due to its steady wind is also great for many other types of water-sports such as windsurfing.

Industry Bay has a long history of farming with it being the center of an old historic plantation, which used to grow both sugar and indigo hundreds of years ago. The lot in question is located in what is arguably the best location with very convenient access from below. I.e. The road below the lot accesses the Firefly Hotel which is only a short walk across to the other bay.

Good infrastructure has already been put in place, such as a newly completed concrete road and all the various utilities such as electric, cable and telephone. Contact us now for arrangements to view this special building lot!