Spring Top

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Spring Top Spring Top Spring Top Spring Top Spring Top

Land at Spring, Bequia

Price (US$): $141,500
Price Per Foot: 6 US$
Land Size: 21,780 sq. ft.
Location: Spring, Bequia
Country: St. Vincent
  • Beautiful Sunrises
  • Beautiful Woodlands
  • Hilltop Options
  • Ocean Views
  • Private Estate
  • Quiet Areas
  • Tax Incentives
  • Tropical Breezes

A selection of beautiful lands available in upper Spring Hill located on the very top of Spring Estate. Some of these lots are facing East with views overlooking out at St. Vincent to the North-East of Bequia including Industry and Park Bays. Others are South and South-West facing overlooking beautiful lush Spring Estate valley - Vistas are perched over a large part of Bequia out at Isle Quatre and Mustique Islands. These lands are surrounded by an abundance of local faunae and beautiful local wooded areas.

These lands have various sizes and can be cut per specification usually ranging from half acre upwards. One can choose from numerous options of varying sizes. Spring estate is considerably large however all these plots are very private with almost all having a wide-angled view over the Atlantic Ocean on one side and / or the next. The estate is very private in what is considered one of the most exclusive and safest areas on the island.