Waterfront @ Anse la Coite

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Waterfront @ Anse la Coite Waterfront @ Anse la Coite Waterfront @ Anse la Coite Waterfront @ Anse la Coite

Land at Anse la Coite, Bequia

Price (US$): $225,670
Price Per Foot: 10 US$
Land Size: 22,567 sq. ft.
Location: Anse la Coite, Bequia
Country: St. Vincent
  • Ocean View
  • Quiet Area
  • Tropical Breezes
  • Waterfront

This plot is Nr. 16 which is the best for sale at Anse La Coite, which is a relatively new government development located just off of gorgeous Spring Bay in the Eastern part of Bequia. The location is superb! This plot is the only waterfront piece still available in the area, one of the few on the island. Furthermore the lot is also priced incredibly attractive. The location is relatively central in the bay allowing the plot magnificent vistas looking out at Battowia and Balliceaux, two uninhabited islands to the East. This plot of land is located in more of a protected area than most other beachfront lots due to a large headland located to the North-East which stretches out protecting from some of the heavier winds that sweep into the bay. Surrounding this development is the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and a wonderful coral reef protecting the bay.