Our History

How it all began!

The Schaedle family has been in the Grenadines since 1978 and been involved in real estate for decades. However it's only in the early 2000’s that they have become more involved where commercial real estate and development is concerned. It started with their own development, where they developed a part of their estate, offering plots and villas to international clients.

Through the increased demand of foreigners and friends wanting to invest in the Grenadines, they gradually became more involved in the real estate business, offering more and more properties around the island, and expanding the business along the entire chain of Grenadine Islands.

Today Real Grenadines has an impressive portfolio of investment land and properties. Do click through and browse the extensive information on the website, such as the individual descriptions, the numerous image galleries, google maps and much, much more. Bear in mind however, that the properties shown on the site, can only provide a snapshot of the opportunities, that can be explored by combining the knowledge of the region and our network of local and international contacts.