Construction and Planning

You would like to have your ideal house built, but don't want the hassle and strain of trying to oversee the building process and all the uncertainties of building in a foreign country? Drawing on our experience of living and working in St. Vincent and the Grenadines over 30 years, we can assist in arranging and supervising a full design, planning, and construction service tailored to your individual requirements. We work with a team of experienced professionals, architects, lawyers, chartered surveyors, planners and landscapers and can properly manage this for you. We work with the most competent in the field. See the list below of several professionals who work with and for us.

Property Management and Maintenance

Let us know if you own a property and are interested in having someone manage it for you. We have a long-established experience in working with the local workforce and would be happy to come up with a framework which would suite your requirements. Whether your property is a holiday villa or a private home, whether you will be living on the island throughout the year or just occasionally, we can be there for you. 


Partners and Associates
Thomas Dehen - Mustique based architect with over 25 years of experience
Grenadines Studio - Architecture, interior architecture & furniture design 
Utan McIntosh - Bequia based builder with numerous years of experience 
Steve Kemp - Senior partner at Globe Consultants, UK based
McArthur Robertson - Chartered surveyor
Douglas Williams - Attorney & legal advisor
Jessica Walker - Living Art SVG Landscaping
Michelle Lulley - Landscaping & design
Louise Mitchel - Attorney & legal advisor
Bassy Alexander - Valuator & property surveyor
Godwin Friday - Attorney & Legal Advisor
Liz Thomas - Property Management
Kurt Meier - Expert in renewable energy & pool / pump technology
Joe Harkings - Web design & hosting