Quick Facts

Location – St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada are two beautiful countries in the Southern Caribbean. The Grenadines consists of a string of beautiful, smaller islands that extend between these main island countries.

Getting to the Grenadines – Both countries have their own international airports, with various international carriers offering several weekly scheduled flights. Most Grenadine islands have their own domestic airports and ferry services, making them relatively accessible to visitors.

Government – Both St. Vincent and Grenada (and the Grenadine Islands in between) are parliamentary democracies within the Commonwealth of Nations. Control of the government rests with the Prime Ministers and their Cabinets.

Climate – The temperature varies little from season to season, averaging between 26° - 28° Celsius throughout the year.

Economy – There is an expanding service sector and a significant “offshore” financial services sector, with the tourist industry generally being the largest, especially within the Grenadines island chain.

Currency – The local currency is the East Caribbean Dollar (EC$), which is pegged to the US currency.