Why invest in the Grenadines?

We focus on freshly-emerging overseas property opportunities in one of the relatively quieter parts of the South-Eastern Caribbean. These range from individual houses and single development plots, through larger development sites suitable for resort and marina developments, to whole, small islands.

While some of the better-known parts of the Caribbean are rapidly approaching the saturation point, as far as development is concerned, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada have only recently started to attract attention from investors seeking new opportunities at attractive prices.

The Property Market – As land becomes more limited due to the island becoming more discovered, property values can be expected to rise further and further.

New Opportunities – Unlike much of the more developed part of the Caribbean, the tourism and investment industry in the region has only recently started developing. At the same time, real estate opportunities, including second home ownership, have only really recently started to feature in the consciousness of overseas investors.

Wonderful Environment – A visit to these islands will say it all. It is a place for discerning investors who appreciate the value that quality and sustainability can yield.

Low Taxes – The tax framework is designed to attract overseas investors and visitors. There is no Capital Gains or Inheritance Tax payable, and income tax is generally relatively low.

Exploring the Opportunities – A visit through our listings provides a good taste of the opportunities, but there is a lot more to see and experience, with Real Grenadines being very well-placed to help you find the best and most suitable opportunity.

A visit to our interactive site is a good start, but opportunities can only really be fully understood and evaluated by visiting in person.  We would happily assist in arranging an exploratory visit, enabling you to take full advantage of the local knowledge and network connections we have built up over the years.

Our aim will be to introduce you to:

  • The Grenadines as a place to invest—and perhaps live;
  • Particular investment and development opportunities that may be of interest to you;
  • Professionals who can help you gain a very quick understanding of the local market;
  • Associates who can help at every stage if you decide to go ahead;

We would be happy to tailor an itinerary to suit the time you have available and the opportunities and issues you most wish to explore.