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Below are a few excerpts from several of our numerous international clients. This can in no way provide a full representation of the level of service and guidance that we have given over the many years that we have been working in the Grenadine Island's real estate market.

Real Grenadines has been a massive help potential investment and commercial property for me in Bequia. King King and his crew really know the island in and out, and their relaxed approach and deep local knowledge are unmatched. When I first got to Bequia I was working with another realtor, but Real Grenadines was still helpful despite not getting my business at the time. Treating me like family, I now work with this team on all my projects. I highly recommend checking them out.
Jenna Kash - USA
My husband and I have been with Real Grenadines for nearly 4 years now and during that time we've encountered nothing but exceptional service. Quirin has made the process of buying and selling various investment properties easier than we ever expected it to be, selling each property within weeks of the property being listed. Quirin’s attention to detail is impeccable, he is wonderfully professional, super efficient and flexible in his approach. Quirin, I know I’ve said it many times already but we’re very grateful to you and your extraordinary team.
Sarah Mire - Italy
We first came across Old Fort Estates in 2004, when looking for land on Bequia. Their management team were very helpful in guiding us to all the estates we should be looking at, in addition to their own estate where we eventually chose to buy. At this point, the Schaedles took personal charge of negotiations, and we soon reached a conclusion satisfactory for all parties. They were  also very helpful in introducing us to a range of local architects and builders at that time. We have found Old Fort Estates to be diligent, honest, and easy to do business with, and now count the proprietors as friends. Regards,
Alan and Claire Walker - England
Siamo stati a Bequia per due anni di seguito, abbiamo soggiornato al The Old Fort hotel. Quirin ci ha accompagnato a vedere alcune proprietà in vendita sull'isola, spendendo molto tempo con noi. E' sempre stato molto gentile e disponibile. Con lui è possibile trovare delle case stupende nei posti più belli. Conosce perfettamente l'isola, i suoi abitanti e le usanze locali. Sempre molto professionale. Consigliato!
Luca Carton - Italy
I met Quirin when I visited Bequia with a view to buying either a property or land. I was on my own and greatly appreciated the way in which he showed me the island and what was for sale. Nothing was too much trouble for him and I felt by the end that we had covered thoroughly every opportunity and that he understood exactly what I was looking for. He puts a great deal of energy and enthusiasm into his work and of course is very knowledgeable in his field. Should any of my friends wish to buy in Bequia I would strongly recommend that they first visit Quirin to give them a personal and in depth overview of the island and what is on offer. Yours Sincerely,
Anne  Parsons - England
We first came across Quirin and Otmar Schaedle, and Old Fort Estates, in 2007, when we stayed at The Old Fort on holiday with friends. We loved Bequia and decided that, for once, instead of just talking about how good it would be to have a home of our own in a place where we'd enjoyed a holiday, we should actually go ahead and take the first steps. Quirin showed us round, making sure we saw a range of different locations and explaining the pros and cons of each. He explained knowledgably the processes we'd need to follow if we decided to go ahead and buy land and when we made that decision he put us in touch with a reliable solicitor on St Vincent that helped us through the process. Regards,
Robin Foyster - England
I am the owner of a large parcel of family land situated in Ocar Hamilton called the Wallace Estate. The Wallace family migrated from Scotland centuries ago and have since coming to the island been one of the few families which up to this day own a lot of the land still available on the island. I have known Quirin Schaedle (known as King King) for a number of years. Quirin’s family has been in the real estate business over 30 years. That fact is only a small reason of why he was the obvious choice for me to use his companies’ services to promote and sell our family land. Quirin has grown up on Bequia and knows the island inside out. He and his father where the first foreigners moving to Mt. Pleasant. They have always supported the local population and have risen the standard of the island especially the area where they live, including the creation of their own development in Mt. Pleasant where a number of foreigners have bought property. Nationalities on their estate include, English, Scottish, Norwegian, German, Canadian, American and Local SVG. His vast knowledge in the property business has done nothing less than impress me greatly. I found Old Fort Estate to be exceptionally efficient in their marketing and networking with different clients from around the world. They have also always been helpful and assisted whenever and wherever necessary when we needed their advice and know-how. Immediately after recruiting the company one of my main properties was sold, and that for a very good price. Quirin Schaedle has not only one but a few websites where he advertises real estate from clients and his new company Real Grenadines offers a number of services appealing to a wide variety of potential clients who aren’t only interested in buying but want the entire service including building and management as well. The fact that their office is located at The Old Fort, which is one of the most recognis
ed tourism establishments in St. Vincent and The Grenadines, where they also have a number of high profile guests staying, has only benefited in the success Old Fort Estates have had over the years.
Wayne Gooding – Bequia
I have known Quirin Schaedle for several years and chose him to sell our land on Bequia because I trust his family and their knowledge of the island and property matters. Quirin’s father, Otmar, was one of the first foreigners to come to Mt. Pleasant and his family has become respected by local people due to their honesty and integrity. Quirin’s deep knowledge of local real estate is impressive and reliable. Old Fort Estates have put great efforts in to marketing my property and Quirin has impressed me by being able to bring in a number of foreign buyers. I have found their knowledge of the real estate market reliable and their advice helpful at every stage. I think that the extra services now being offered by Quirin’s new company Real Grenadines will bring in more buyers because they will have someone they can rely on to look after things for them on the island. Yours,
Stewart Wallace – Bequia
My name is Cheryl Ollivierre  and I live in New York. I am originally from St. Vincent and The Grenadines and my family has been one of the main owners of the Princess Margaret Estate in Bequia.  For a few years I have been trying to sell my own large parcel of beach front property. The property is a prime plot leading from the road going down to Lower Bay all the way down to Princess Margaret Beach, bordering the beach approximately 100 feet and more. I advertised the plot with another real estate company asking 25 USD per square foot, 1 Million USD for it which, given the location, I thought was considerably reasonable. After a considerable span of time the realtor gave me an offer of approximately just over 800k from one of his clients. They indicated that they wanted to construct and manage a small boutique hotel there. I wanted more for the land but as I tried to get the sale out of the way I was contemplating accepting the offer received. That’s when I heard about Quirin Schaedle (King King) and Old Fort Estates from my Nephew. My Nephew contacted Quirin who immediately got in touch with me. I asked him how long it would take for him to get a client after which he assured me that the property was worth a lot more and that he would try his best to sell the property in a certain time span but couldn’t assure how long it would take to get another client due to the state of the worldwide economy. I offered him the opportunity to advertise the property. Shortly after, just approximately 2 – 3 weeks, Quirin called me, telling me that he had a client who was very interested in purchasing the property. He recommended the attorney to the clients and it took approximately 2 more weeks for the purchase to be completed. He worked very efficiently and the exact amount we had asked for the property was in our account in the flash of time. I am happy to recommend Quirin and Old Fort Estates and to anyone who is interested in purchasing or selling any type of real estate in St. Vincent and the Grenadines anytime in the future.
Cheryl Ollivierre - USA