About Us

For over two decades, Real Grenadines has focused on the particular needs of international clients who want to buy or sell real estate in the Grenadines. Our clients are busy, discriminating, and accustomed to exceptional service. We fill a critical need for our clients as their trusted partner on the ground to meet their every real estate desire in Bequia and other Grenadines properties.

We are a boutique brokerage firm with a distinguished and unique team, recognised as one of the top agencies in the Caribbean. Our commitment to quality has been consistently honoured by numerous international clients, the media, and various publications. Our portfolio includes luxury villas, beachfront estates, and prime land for sale in this beautiful Caribbean region.

Nearly all of our business comes to us on the recommendation of a former client or partner company. Our main focus is on the particular needs of international clients interested in real estate in this special and unique part of the region. The clients we work with are accustomed to our exceptional service, with us filling their specific needs at the highest level.

With a background in the Grenadines for over 40 years, we offer all of our clients honest, unbiased assessments of their property objectives and accurate, forward-looking information on the latest market trends and the island’s legal framework. We also provide a wide network of recognised professionals in the real estate and development sectors to offer the broadest possible service to all clients interested in Bequia property, Grenadines real estate, and Caribbean investments. Learn more about our history.