Buying - A Personalised Experience

We specialize in giving personalised service to even the most demanding buyers. Whatever your personal taste, unlike many other agencies that try to cover a much larger area, we specialise only in the Grenadines and select properties between Saint Vincent and Grenada. For a list of updated company reviews please click the link!

Many real estate agencies can only show you their own listings; we, on the other hand, can show you everything and give you a much better impression of the market! We also provide a much more "in debt" service before setting out to look at properties. One of the reasons for this is due to the complexities the islands can bring and the fact that many clients interested have not yet visited. 

In addition, there are various cultural, legal, and market structures in the real estate market in this region that make it imperative to have a trusted advisor with an abundance of experience who represents your interests to the highest degree possible—someone who connects you with the right resources throughout the entire process and beyond. 

Our expert knowledge of the local market and having worked in the local real estate market for over two decades allow us to provide an unparalleled end-to-end service. Our competitors do not provide this rigorous service, and you could search for months or years and not achieve the same result on your own.

Only by working with us and doing a thorough search can you be assured that you are buying the best property available at the best price and optimizing your time on the ground once you set foot in the Grenadines to also understand the way business is done in the islands. As our clients attest Real Grenadines offers a complete service that yields superior results.

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Additional Advantage: We are also the exclusive representative for Leverage Global Partners in the area. This network brings together the most prestigious independent real estate brokerage firms from around the world. Each agency affiliated with this network can offer their clients an incredible advantage.