Real Grenadines focuses on freshly-emerging overseas property opportunities in one of the relatively quieter parts of the Southern Caribbean.

Whilst some of the better-known parts of the Caribbean are rapidly approaching the saturation point, as far as development is concerned, St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) has only quite recently started to attract attention from serious investors seeking new opportunities at attractive prices.

Getting to the Grenadines - Up to now, the attractions of SVG’s amazing scenery, climate and people have been masked by a perceived inaccessibility. It is true that at present there are no direct flights from the UK, Europe or North America – but, to be honest, arranging a transfer from one of the Caribbean’s “gateway” airports such as Barbados, is hardly ever a problem. SVG is still regarded as a place more for travellers and those who want to really get away, than tourists. For many people this is an attraction in itself. As St. Vincent is presently in the final stages of constructing its own international airport, with plans to be completed in 2017, access to St. Vincent and the Grenadines would be much more straightforward. This in itself is a great incentive for investors and potential visitors alike!

The Property Market – As land becomes more limited due to that the island is becoming more discovered, property values can be expected to rise further and further. The challenge here is going to be to attract sensible, environment-friendly, economy-enhancing development without harming the very special character and appeal that this part of the Caribbean exudes. Meeting that challenge is one of Real Grenadines' primary aims.

The Grenadines offer an environment, culture and life-style totally different from the UK, Europe and North America.  The property market is also different. Although this part of the Caribbean is developing fast, business works at a level in tune with the more relaxed way of life that makes it such an attractive place in which to spend time. That, of course, is why people aspire to Caribbean property ownership, as well as Caribbean holidays – and why beautiful, but less well-known places, like Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, are attracting increasing attention from property investors, ranging from individuals looking to build holiday and retirement homes to large-scale developers looking at leisure, hotel and marina developments.

Exploring the Opportunities - Investment opportunities in St Vincent & the Grenadines range from individual houses and single development plots, through larger development sites suitable for resort and marina developments, to whole, small islands.

A visit through our listings provides a taste of the opportunities, but there is much more to see too (including opportunities that are not yet being marketed openly) and Real Grenadines is very well-placed to help you find sites and opportunities that may be of interest. 

A website visit is a good start but opportunities available in St Vincent & the Grenadines can only really be fully understood and evaluated by visiting to see for yourself.  We can, if you would like, arrange an exploratory visit, enabling you to take full advantage of the local knowledge and network connections we have built up with experienced and knowledgeable professionals which we trust and respect.  

Our aim will be to introduce you to:

  • The Grenadines as a place to invest – and perhaps live;
  • Particular investment and development opportunities that may be of interest to you;
  • Professionals who can help you to gain very quickly an understanding of the local market and any investment opportunities you may wish to follow up;
  • Professionals who can help at every stage if you decide to go ahead.

We can make all the necessary arrangements for your visit, tailoring an itinerary to suit the time you have available and the opportunities and issues you most wish to explore. As well as arranging accompanied tours so that you may see the places, accompanied by professionals with local knowledge, we can organise meetings with other individuals and organisations whose experience and information bases will be helpful to you.