Buying - A Personalised Experience

We specialise in a personalised service for discerning buyers, focusing exclusively on the Grenadines and select villas and lands between Saint Vincent and Grenada. For a list of updated company reviews please click the link! Unlike many real estate agencies that only show their own listings, we provide a comprehensive view of the market. Our in-depth service addresses the complexities of buying property in the islands, especially for clients who haven't visited yet.

The unique cultural, legal, and market structures in the Grenadines make it essential to have an experienced advisor. We represent your interests fully and connect you with the right resources throughout the process. With over two decades of local market expertise, we offer unparalleled end-to-end service. Our competitors cannot match this level of dedication, and you might spend months or years searching without our guidance.

Working with us ensures you find the best property at the best price, helps you optimise your time in the Grenadines, and helps you understand the local business environment. As our clients attest Real Grenadines offers a complete service that yields superior results. 

Additional Advantage: We are also the exclusive representative for Leverage Global Partners in the area. This network brings together the most prestigious independent real estate brokerage firms from around the world. Each agency affiliated with this network can offer their clients an incredible advantage.