Ravine Beachfront Estate

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Ravine Beachfront Estate Ravine Beachfront Estate Ravine Beachfront Estate Ravine Beachfront Estate Ravine Beachfront Estate Ravine Beachfront Estate

Land at Ravine, Bequia

Price (US$): $1,850,000
Price Per Foot: 22 US$
Land Size: 82,000 sq. ft.
Acreage: 2
Location: Ravine, Bequia
Country: St. Vincent
  • Beachfront
  • Beautiful Woodlands
  • Commercial Property
  • Hillside
  • Mountain View
  • Ocean View
  • Private Beach
  • Private Estate
  • Quiet Areas
  • Tax Incentives
  • Tropical Breezes

Unique Beachfront Estate Opportunity in Bequia


This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own an intimate beachfront estate in Bequia—an ideal spot to get away from it all. Perfect for those who appreciate off-the-grid living, this location is also ideal for accommodating a boutique hotel or glamping site. This is one of the few remaining beachfront estates available on the island, and it is offered at a very attractive price!

Location and Surroundings

This superb location is in the middle of the bay, flanked on each side by beautiful, spacious pastures where the most you would usually see are cows grazing and various wild birds nesting. This Bequia real estate comes with a right-of-way that had been terraced before, though it would need some improvement to allow more convenient access—unless you prefer to attract the hiking crowd and individualist travellers.

Land Features

The land stretches from the middle of the beach up a beautiful, lush green hillside, with the centre being perfect for an attractive beach bar and/or restaurant. The hillside part boasts an abundance of indigenous vegetation, including mature cedar trees (from which schooners were built), and offers a tremendous view overlooking the entire valley.

Investment Potential

Ravine Beach is one of the only remaining untouched beaches on the island. It is very private and encircled by a lush and beautiful forest, making it ideal for a special residence or business. Investing in this Grenadines real estate offers a unique opportunity to own a piece of paradise with unparalleled beauty and potential.