Ravine Beachfront Estate

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Ravine Beachfront Estate Ravine Beachfront Estate Ravine Beachfront Estate Ravine Beachfront Estate Ravine Beachfront Estate Ravine Beachfront Estate

Land at Ravine, Bequia

Price (US$): $1,805,000
Price Per Foot: 22 US$
Land Size: 82,000 sq. ft.
Acreage: 2
Location: Ravine, Bequia
Country: St. Vincent
  • Beachfront
  • Beautiful Woodlands
  • Commercial Property
  • Hillside
  • Mountain View
  • Ocean View
  • Private Beach
  • Private Estate
  • Quiet Areas
  • Tax Incentives
  • Tropical Breezes

This is a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own one’s own intimate beachfront estate; an ideal spot for one to get away from it all. It would also be perfect to accommodate a boutique hotel, or glamping site. If you or your customers appreciate off-the-grid living, this might just be the perfect spot!

The spot is also one of the only beachfront estates still available on the island, and that for a very attractive price! The location is superb in the middle of the bay, flanked on each side, by a beautiful spacious pasture where the most which one would usually see, are cows grazing and various wild birds nesting.

The land comes with a right-of-way which had been terraced before, however would need to be improved somewhat to allow a more convenient ease of access. That’s if you don’t want to attract the hiking crowd and individualist type of traveller.

The land stretches from the middle of the beach up a beautiful lush green hillside, the center being ideal if one wanted to run an attractive beach bar and / or restaurant. The part on the hillside has an abundance of indigenous vegetation including mature cedar trees (from which the schooners were built) and has a tremendous view overlooking the entire valley.

Ravine is one of the only remaining untouched beaches on the island. It is very private and encircled by a lush & beautiful forest ideal to make a special residence or business.