Selling - Moving Forward

We market your property to international buyers, boosting the number of interested parties and getting the maximum possible sale price. We are a boutique brokerage firm in operation for over two decades and are consistently recognised for the quality of our work by our numerous international clients, the media, and various publications. This is not only due to our long-standing reputation but also due to the number of properties sold, which are often also the most expensive. The majority of clients that visit the Grenadines and have done their research usually often decide to work with us. To see what clients say, please click on the link for updated company reviews!

With no multiple listing service (MLS) in the Grenadines and an “every agent for himself” mentality, it can be challenging to find an agent you can count on to work hard and represent your interests. For this reason, many owners choose to list with several agents in the hopes that their property will get better exposure. But what they end up with is a race to sell the property quickly, often at a lower than optimal price, as each agent’s primary interest becomes their own fee on the sale.

Our clients appreciate our fresh, client-based approach. We provide you with an honest valuation and propose a sales strategy that is tailored to your demands. From the start, we offer a commission share on the listing to any other agency, thus casting the widest net possible, boosting the number of offers, and maximizing the sale price.

We negotiate vigorously and meticulously manage the entire process, from viewings through to closing, to ensure the best conditions for you and a smooth and successful sale. In contrast to other agencies that often take clients to view properties without prequalifying them, in an attempt to make it look as though they are busy, we only arrange viewings if the client is genuinely interested and also in a likely position to buy. We make it a priority to vet every client in order to take the right clients to the relevant properties and skip the ones they would not purchase.

Real Grenadines is the exclusive representative for Leverage Global Partners in the area. This network brings together the most prestigious independent real estate brokerage firms from around the world. Each agency affiliated with this network can offer their clients an incredible advantage. Learn more about how being a part of Leverage could be of advantage to you in selling your property.